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by Allegra Consulting 15 December 2016

Blowing away the myths of change management.....fluff bah humbug

Do you remember when change management was considered to be the ‘fluffy stuff’ that was...

by Allegra Consulting 03 October 2016

Why involving your people is critical to delivering successful change & transformation

Read any thought piece or report on the top reasons why large transformational change...

by Allegra Consulting 05 July 2016

Five reasons why you need an impact assessment for your change project to succeed

Completing a change impact assessment is a core capability of a change practitioner, yet...

by Allegra Consulting 30 June 2016

Exclusive invitation: Learn all you need to know about Impact Assessments

As a valued member of the Allegra Consulting change management community, you are invited...

by Allegra Consulting 23 June 2016

Learning and change: the best of bedfellows

Whether it’s a merger, change of CEO, rebrand or all of the above, organisational change...

by Allegra Consulting 21 June 2016

Learning organisations - how they do it

Although the concept of a learning organisation was most profoundly brought to life by...

by Allegra Consulting 30 May 2016

ADKAR eBook from Prosci

Prosci have developed the ADKAR model which focuses on their view of the five milestones...

by Allegra Consulting 26 May 2016

Change management: global perspectives

Our series on change management around the world continues with a look at issues,...

by Allegra Consulting 06 May 2016

How can business leaders impact successful change management?

With between 50 and 70 per cent of change management projects still failing to achieve...

by Allegra Consulting 04 May 2016

How to use social networking effectively in change management

Prosci – when undertaking research for their publication 2012 Edition of Best Practices...