Define, Design & Deliver Transformative Change

This course is designed for Change professionals, Consultants, Executives and those looking to advance and enhance their career by being able to lead transformative change. It is is designed as a practical ‘hands-on’ approach to learning, supported by real-life case studies, which include digital transformation, mergers and acquisitions and new business model implementation.

The course provides participants with opportunities to share their insights and ask questions in an open and supportive environment. As part of the course, the participant receives access to The Change Space, providing bite-sized digital content to support the learning journey.


This course is held over 3 consecutive days.


There are no formal prerequisites.

What's included

  • Organisational Change Workbook and material
  • 6-months access The Change Space and community
  • Tools and Templates to support Organisational Change
  • Access to Coaches & Mentors


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Melbourne, 3 - 5 Sep 2024
Venue TBC

Who should attend?

Business executives

Learn valuable ways to transform areas of your organisation, successfully adapting to any type of change with proven industry methodology.

Leaders & managers

Learn how to more effectively manage your team, especially during change, adding new skills to boost your own personal career goals.

Consultants & practitioners

For those already working within the industry, this course offers valuable experience to advance further into specialist managerial roles.

Professionals & specialists

This course is a great starting to point into a burgeoning industry, helping boost your CV and opening new doors of opportunity.

Course outline

The course is designed to be fun and interactive, providing ‘hands-on’ learning through examples and real-life case studies. It covers the end-to-end lifecycle of Leading Transformative Change, providing a framework for participants, irrespective of the methodology that the business uses.

  • Defining and designing transformative change
  • Assessing change maturity
  • Defining the target operating model
  • Designing the approach to transformation
  • Aligning the case for change
  • Planning the change, transition, and implementation
  • Governing the change and assessing major fail points
  • Understanding and analysing the change impacts
  • Detailing roles and responsibilities
  • Stakeholder management
  • Sponsorship
  • The psychology of change
  • Engaging and mobilising leaders
  • Leading behavioural change
  • Business and change readiness
  • Enabling the organisation to transition
  • Developing a Qi Mindset
  • Building a ChangeFit® culture

Lead the Way...

The Leading Transformative Change course will create the depth of experience, capability and talent required to lead and transform in this constantly changing marketplace. The Certificate will help you stand out from the crowd!

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Core business capability

Transformative Change is now considered a Leadership and Organisational Capability.

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Pathway for further growth

Transformative Change is a core competency for many roles in senior management.

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High performing organisations

Transformative Change capability is now considered in the Top 5 requirements of high performing organisations.

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High performing individuals

Understand and have proven experience with Transformative Change.

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Core competency

Being ahead of the competition means depth of knowledge and experience to adapt and transform organisations quickly.

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Boost Your Resume

Fully accredited, this course will add an in-demand skillset to your resume, opening opportunities to move forward in the CM industry.

This course may help to lead to roles including...

Lead change
Change manager
Transformation officer
Communications manager
Senior change analyst
Change comm. analyst
Transformation consultant
Org. development consultant

A practical hands-on learning experience

The course is designed in a way to support all learning styles. The structure will support and demonstrate to you via practical application how to put into effect what you learn. Create the depth of experience, capability and talent required to lead and transform in this constantly changing marketplace. The certificate will help you stand out from the crowd!

People in workshop learning

Focused workshops

Stand out from the crowd with our Transformation Specialist certificate to boost your career to new heights!

People working on laptops at desk

Digital and virtual

Leveraging The Change Space, all participants can connect virtually with access to bite-sized learning and information, supported by live and recorded webinars.

Business people gathered together learning

Practical & hands-on

Using real-life case studies, students learn through practical application of their knowledge.

Man mentoring female colleague

Coaches & mentors

Ongoing support available through coaches and mentors that support everyone to be successful.

Young professional lady smiling

Pathway for further learning

Our course provides an ongoing pathway for those that want to further to knowledge and growth in this area.

Become a certified transformation specialist and take your career to new levels!

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