Learn the essential elements behind a successful target operating model (TOM)

An organisation's Target Operating Model (TOM) defines their desired operating state by understanding the current ‘as is’ model and the ‘to be’ model. In this virtual masterclass, we will explore the essential elements of a TOM and how it can become the blueprint of an organisations vision by aligning operating capacities and strategic objectives.

Join Caroline Mills and Tracey Penington as they step you through case studies, proven methodologies and practical tips gained from their combined 40+ years’ experience at the forefront of the change and transformation industry. Learn how to accurately define your organisation's current state and desired future state.

What’s included

  • Organisational Change Workbook and material
  • 3-months access to The Change Space
  • Tools and Templates to support Organisational Change


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If you miss out, General tickets are priced at $590.

On the day

This workshop will be held virtually (dial-in details will be sent closer to the date).

You will have the opportunity to take breaks throughout the day.

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Virtual, 10 Jul 2024

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A masterclass for anyone involved in the change & transformation space

This interactive learning environment provides the opportunity to surface the unique set of knowledge and experiences from participants to share ideas and best practices with peers. Whether you are starting out your change journey, are a leader of change, or a seasoned Change Practitioner, this masterclass is for anyone interested in learning about the purpose of a Target Operating Model and how understanding and purposefully designing the elements is the foundation for an organisation to operate more efficiently and effectively to execute on strategy.

Along with confidence and knowledge, you will leave with a set of practical tools that you can apply straight away. All attendees also receive 12 weeks free access to The Change Space, our online learning platform.

Who should attend?

Change practitioners

For those already working within the industry, this course offers valuable experience to advance further into specialist managerial roles.

Leaders & managers

A target operating model is the backbone of organisational change and important for all leaders to have a knowledge of.

Other change roles

If you are involved in the change and transofrmation industry in any capacity, this workshop is for you.

Course outline

This masterclass workshop covers everything you need to know to be able to produce your own target operating model.

  • Defining and understanding a Target Operating Model
  • The components of a Target Operating Model
  • Developing an understanding of how a Target Operating Model is different from a strategy
  • Understanding the value derived from developing a Target Operating Model
  • Creation of a Target Operating Model
  • How a Target Operating Model helps an organisation transform
  • All attendees receive 12 weeks free access to The Change Space, our online learning platform.

Learn how to conduct a target operating model and begin applying this straight away!

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