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Utilising technology to transform your organisation

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Utilising technology to solve traditional problems

To support embedding and sustaining skill development, improve capabiliy and health and wellbeing, Allegra has developed digital solutions that can be accessed anywhere and anytime. We focus on micro learning and needs related training to cut down the time between you and your professional development.

We use the Digital tools below to enable organisations and people in:

  • Change management support
  • Cultural change support
  • Organisational development
  • Digital change solutions


Healthy Me is about more than simply being healthy. It is about achieving total wellness physically, mentally and emotionally. Through our interactive online programs you will discover key ways to live a more happy and well-rounded life.

Whether you are an individual looking for personal growth support or a corporate entity seeking a customisable wellbeing program for your workforce, Healthy Me is for you.

The Change Space is an online educational platform for individuals, professionals, companies and educational organisations.

Gain knowledge, learn new skills and promote personal and professional growth from our large collection of webinars, videos, audio programs, articles and other online resources by leading industry experts and personal development specialists.




Work with us to transform your digital capabilities.