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Historically, agile change was used for Agile Software Development and Delivery coupled with an opportunity for growth. With the ever-changing market, digitisation of the world and evolving customer demands, organisations are realising the need for new ways of working and, more often, a shift to an agile way of working. Creating an Agile or Adaptive organisation must be done at a cultural level to be truly successful.

At Allegra Consulting, we are experienced in the many facets of Agile methodology. We can partner with you to deliver better and more adaptive ways of doing things across all levels of your organisation.

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Creating an 'Agile-Able' organisation

Allegra Consulting has successfully supported several organisations in the move to agile ways of working. At Allegra, we believe that organisations going through this type of change need to look at creating an agile organisation. To make this move successfully, organisations must also manage the mindset, skillset and behaviour changes required of teams and employees.

An agile or adaptive organisation is highly attuned to the internal and external environment and has the agility to pivot in a new direction in response to rapid changes and new opportunities. Its identity and people are well aligned with the organisation's purpose. It is fast, flexible and collaborative, and entrusts more of its decision-making powers and associated resources to its people.

Creating an 'Agile-Able' team

An agile or adaptive team (sometimes called a tribe, squad, swarm, unit, or cluster) has clarity of purpose and is closely aligned with the organisation's values and priorities. Team members recognise that their external environment is volatile, and as a result, they are extremely sensitive to their continually changing environment. They ably and willingly move vertically or horizontally to where they can have the most positive impact.

This employee is comfortable with ambiguity and always seeks ways to collaborate with others. They offer up ideas, create opportunities for others to shine and know the value of innovating, even if at times, they get it wrong.

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An agile or adaptive employee has an open, flexible mindset. We can help achieve this through our customisable  leadership and team-building programs.

Some of the core elements of a successful agile organisation

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Defined purpose

A defined and activated purpose that isn’t just on posters on the wall but in the hearts and minds of everyone who works there and interacts with the organisation.

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Customer centricity

People in the organisation have a strong customer-centric and product-development approach to their work.

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Collaboration & co-creation

Enterprise-wide collaboration and co-creation to bring each person’s unique perspective, skillsets and experiences to produce the best possible results.

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A healthy culture

A healthy organisational culture which begins from the ground up through development, team-building and leadership groups.

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Self-organising teams

Teams made up of people from different functional areas, adapting membership as needed and adopting different frameworks and practices depending on their focus.

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People-centric leaders

Leadership roles consciously focused more on developing people and far less on telling employees what to work on.

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Executive sponsorship

Strong Executive sponsorship, with a belief and an understanding of the need to adapt to our rapidly changing environment.

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Flexible employees

Employees with open, flexible mindsets and who are comfortable with ambiguity


From the outset Allegra’s approach was authentic, honest and straight to the point. Allegra has a genuine understanding of the industry and what happens in the change management arena.

- Big Four Bank Client, Consulting services

From contractor care, to networking events and personal growth, your outstanding reputation in the Melbourne Change Management community is rightly deserved.

- Adam Dale, CM Consultant

I have worked with the Allegra team for more than eight years and they remain my number one preferred recruitment agency for exceptional change and transformation specialists

- Origin Energy, Recruitment services

I am truly grateful for the consulting relationship I have developed with Seath, Sonia and Gordon - all experts in their recruitment field - they always go that extra mile.

- Lisa Stock, Change Practitioner

Allegra’s approach was calm, pragmatic and fit for purpose. The team shared their thinking and reasoning for their approach and kept me well-informed of progress.

- University Client, Change Management Consulting Services

The division Allegra looked after received the most impressive results. Thank you for your professionalism, flexibility, expertise, and a sustained focus on delivering quality sessions for our people.

- NSW Government Department Client, Facilitation Services

The session with Caroline was nothing short of OUTSTANDING! There was so much to take away and apply with conscious enthusiasm.

- Workshop Participant, Insurance Company

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