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Having the right organisational design and target operating model is critical for continued business success.

The organisational design is more than simply your organisational structure. It's about having work activities and processes clear at every level of your organisation, with a strong tie to company strategy. The organisation structure is only one of the many elements of an operating model and is not necessarily the most effective lever of change. A more holistic approach enables an operating model to be aligned with the business strategy, which in turn will drive the achievement of your business outcomes.

At Allegra Consulting we work with organisations using an organisational change approach focused on answering five strategic questions:

  1. Why are we changing?
  2. What’s changing?
  3. How will the organisation be impacted?
  4. How ready is the organisation to adopt the change?
  5. How do we support leaders to increase adoption and speed of change?

Being clear on what's changing is critical - we call it defining the Target Operating Model

The Target Operating Model can be specific to the industry and the organisation itself. However, it often includes Governance, Metrics, People, Culture, Structure (see example below).

Working with the organisation, Allegra Consulting’s organisational design approach follows five broad steps:

  1. Understand: current business strategy, design principles and current state
  2. Design: future state target operating model
  3. Evaluate: operating model
  4. Build: a detailed operating model design
  5. Implement: new operating model taking a strong strategic change management approach

Example Operating Model

Organisation design example operating model

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