Practical and proven models to reach future strategic objectives

Organisations are dynamic systems for responding to the continuous flux of market, economic and political conditions and, as such, often need to be re-designed to achieve their purpose.

As Change and Transformation specialists, we often re-design organisational structures, especially in the context of operating model re-design. Our work focuses not just on the ‘what’ of the actual structural chart but on ‘why’ and the ‘how’ – how to really pull through the design so that it comes to life and makes sense.

Allegra has extensive experience developing and delivering Future State Strategy, Design and Delivery and has a proprietary digital learning and change management tools to support participants through the change and the outcomes.

Our models have been built on our experience of what we know works and is practical for the organisation.

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Our agile approach to delivery

Allegra is focused on supporting clients to deliver the strategies and capabilities that underpin successful, measurable, transformation change.

We believe it is essential to be flexible and dynamic when partnering with our clients. This means we tailor our approach and the composition of our team, around the range of specialist skills and capabilities required to respond to our client’s needs.

We see every client engagement as unique, and we create the best team of consultants for the work to maximise our client’s return on investment.

Our consultants work alongside your own project resources, providing professional consulting services that will assess, manage and mitigate risks associated with change from day one.

How we can help

Target operating model

An organisation's Target Operating Model (TOM) defines their desired operating state by understanding the current 'as is' model and the 'to be' model.

ChangeFit® diagnostic

For any project, program, or transformation, we undertake a ChangeFit® diagnostic. This includes reviewing the target operating model, assessing the change management approach, understanding resourcing and capability and then analysing the change governance.

Organisational design

We use an organisation change approach focused on answering five strategic questions to develop a target operating model driving the achievement of your business outcomes through your organisation's design.

Culture and values

Successful organisations of the future have strong positive cultures. Culture is all about 'how we do things'. Having the right organisational or ‘corporate’ culture and the right mindsets, skillsets, and behaviours can transform an organisation.

Change management

We can work with all of your organisation's change management needs via:

  1. Running a Change Management Practice Masterclass Program
  2. Providing consulting support to build a change management practice.
  3. Conducting an organisational change capability review.
  4. Providing strategic guidance and oversight as you build your practice.
  5. Providing you with specialist change management resources.


From the outset Allegra’s approach was authentic, honest and straight to the point. Allegra has a genuine understanding of the industry and what happens in the change management arena.

- Big Four Bank Client, Consulting services

From contractor care, to networking events and personal growth, your outstanding reputation in the Melbourne Change Management community is rightly deserved.

- Adam Dale, CM Consultant

From the outset Allegra’s approach was authentic, honest and straight to the point. Allegra has a genuine understanding of the industry and what happens in the change management arena.

- ANZ Employee, Change Managment Consulting Services

I have worked with the Allegra team for more than eight years and they remain my number one preferred recruitment agency for exceptional change and transformation specialists

- Origin Energy, Recruitment services

I am truly grateful for the consulting relationship I have developed with Seath, Sonia and Gordon - all experts in their recruitment field - they always go that extra mile.

- Lisa Stock, Change Practitioner

Allegra’s approach was calm, pragmatic and fit for purpose. The team shared their thinking and reasoning for their approach and kept me well-informed of progress.

- University Client, Change Management Consulting Services

The division Allegra looked after received the most impressive results. Thank you for your professionalism, flexibility, expertise, and a sustained focus on delivering quality sessions for our people.

- NSW Government Department Client, Facilitation Services

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