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by Clare Davy 09 September 2021

How to ask R U OK?

Sometimes we get a feeling that someone is not behaving as they normally would. So, how...

by Caroline Mills 12 August 2021

Change Governance and Measurement of Change

Why is Change Governance important? Excellent Change Governance ensures that we are...

by Cat Heffernan 12 August 2021

Will the Four-day Workweek Feature in a Post-Covid World?

Is the four-day workweek the way forward? There is growing momentum around the shift to a...

by Clare Davy 11 August 2021

Pandemic Fatigue: Leading Teams Through

Learn about pandemic fatigue, how to identify it in team members and strategies to manage...

by Clare Davy 01 June 2021

Becoming a Mindful Leader

Being a leader can be stressful and challenging. Research has shown that regular...

by Clare Davy 26 March 2021

Recognising and Addressing Burnout

Burnout syndrome is a serious issue, whether in the office, or working from home. We can...

by Caroline Mills 25 February 2021

Change Resistance or Change Reaction?

In change management, we often talk about people resisting change and how we can manage...

by Seath Fraser 25 February 2021

Practice what you Preach

Change can never be successful without transformation. Leadership teams focus so much on...

by Clare Davy 21 January 2021

10+ Habits to Adopt to Increase Productivity

Because of the disruption to our working and personal lives, we need to reconsider our...

by Gordan Stokes 14 December 2020

The Power of Reflection

Reflective thinking is a way to remember things, to make memories and process what has...