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by Clare Davy 16 December 2021

Self-care during the Holiday Season

During the holiday season, we are likely to be socialising more, eating and drinking more...

by Clare Davy 09 September 2021

How to ask R U OK?

Sometimes we get a feeling that someone is not behaving as they normally would. So, how...

by Clare Davy 01 June 2021

Becoming a Mindful Leader

Being a leader can be stressful and challenging. Research has shown that regular...

by Clare Davy 26 March 2021

Recognising and Addressing Burnout

Burnout syndrome is a serious issue, whether in the office, or working from home. We can...

by Gordan Stokes 14 December 2020

The Power of Reflection

Reflective thinking is a way to remember things, to make memories and process what has...

by Clare Davy 14 December 2020

Holiday Activities for Kids

Here is a range of fun or learning focused school holiday activities for children. Keep...

by Jack Harrison 18 November 2020

Resilience and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

When our resilience is tested – relationships problems, health issues, workplace, or...

by Gordan Stokes 29 October 2020

Adapting to Children Being Back at School

There may be a collective sigh of relief from parents across the globe as children return...

by Clare Davy 01 October 2020

Practising Self-Reflection to develop Self-Awareness

Being able to monitor and reflect on our emotions and thoughts is key to understanding...

by Gordan Stokes 22 September 2020

The SCARF Model - Applying the model to understand our reactions to the pandemic

As we continue to adapt and to evolve our routines and work practices around the COVID-19...