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by Allegra Consulting 05 July 2016

Five reasons why you need an impact assessment for your change project to succeed

Completing a change impact assessment is a core capability of a change practitioner, yet...

by Allegra Consulting 01 March 2016

5 ways to keeping your transformation program on track

With a high failure rate amongst transformation projects, what can you do to ensure your...

by Diane Lynch 22 December 2015

Allegra Consulting celebrates 10 years of Change Management excellence!

Ten years ago Allegra Consulting was launched with a vision of being the first, and the...

by Allegra Consulting 26 February 2015

CMROI calculator: New tool helps quantify CM success

By putting concrete numbers to the percentage of project benefits that depend on adoption...

by Allegra Consulting 15 November 2014

Allegra Consulting Change Management event speaker summaries and presentations

As 2014 starts to wind up, we should all take some time to reflect on what we have...

by Allegra Consulting 27 May 2013

Change Management: it never pays to cut corners

One of the most common definitions of corporate culture is, “It’s the way we do things...

by Allegra Consulting 03 May 2013

Which project methodology should you choose? Waterfall or Agile?

We found a great article titled “Agile or Waterfall? 8 Tips to Help You Decide” and...

by Helen Haley 14 February 2013

Allegra Consulting welcomes Natalie Reed as General Manager

As Managing Director of Allegra Consulting, I am delighted to introduce change and...

by Allegra Consulting 05 February 2013

Project management methodologies - is there a winner?

Organisational change is usually delivered through the implementation of a project or...

by Allegra Consulting 19 October 2012

Online tutorials: Integrating Change Management and Project Management

Prosci has released the first two online tutorial modules of its three-part “Integrating...