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by Clare Davy 05 November 2020

Communicating with Empathy

Empathy, the ability to see things from another person’s perspective, is fundamental to...

by Caroline Mills 08 March 2017

Being Aware of Our Communication/Interaction Style and the Impact it has on others

Experiences shape our ability to communicate, and being able to communicate effectively...

by Allegra Consulting 30 June 2016

Exclusive invitation: Learn all you need to know about Impact Assessments

As a valued member of the Allegra Consulting change management community, you are invited...

by Allegra Consulting 26 May 2016

Change management: global perspectives

Our series on change management around the world continues with a look at issues,...

by Allegra Consulting 04 May 2016

How to use social networking effectively in change management

Prosci – when undertaking research for their publication 2012 Edition of Best Practices...

by Allegra Consulting 01 March 2016

5 ways to keeping your transformation program on track

With a high failure rate amongst transformation projects, what can you do to ensure your...

by Allegra Consulting 01 March 2016

Communication: getting it right from the get-go

A recent investigation into the effectiveness of change management projects has uncovered...

by Allegra Consulting 31 July 2015

Closure of Australian manufacturing office still unlocks CM wins!

The HR team at Merck, Sharp...

by Allegra Consulting 26 February 2015

Change Management and the "psychological contract"

The concept of the “Psychological Contract” has been around since the 1960s, but do we...

by Allegra Consulting 22 August 2013

Allegra Consulting event brings out our animal side!

Thank you to all who attended Allegra Consulting’s recent event where Arthur Shelley and...