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Project Management meets Change Management

To support the speed of change, Change Managers must understand project management, while Project Managers build their s…

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Change Trends for 2024

Let's embrace the change trends of 2024, including change capability, the changing role of leaders and the future o…

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Farewell 2023!

Hear from the Allegra team as we finish off 2023.

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Powering Change through Stakeholder Engagement

Discuss the power of stakeholder engagement for success.

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Transformation Specialist Introduction

What is the Transformation Specialist 3-day Program all about? Join Tracey Penington as she guides your through what you…

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Building a ChangeFit® Culture

In today's fast-paced business environment, change is inevitable. Organisations must be prepared to adapt to new ma…

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Making the most of Change with the ChangeFit® Diagnostic Tool

Investing time into a ChangeFit® Diagnostic will allow you to get to the heart of your organisation's challenges an…

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Change Predictions for 2023

Whether it's the growing need for capability, or a new solution to for hybrid working, organisations are in flux, a…

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Farewell 2022 from Allegra Consulting

As 2022 draws to a close and we approach 2023 at a rapid pace, we wanted to take the time to thank you for this year.

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International Transformative Change at Monash College

As Program Director at Monash College, Tara Mooney reflects on her time in charge of international transformation amid t…

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What is change?

Everyone has a different definition of change. At Allegra, we view change as many things - a process, competency, and st…

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Interviewing in a Digital Age

Are you feeling out of touch with interviewing in a digital age? Pick up some tips to help you succeed in your next inte…

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Research Findings - Implementing Transformative Change

What makes transformative change successful? Hear from Transformation Specialist Tracey Penington as she discusses the h…

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Payroll Remediation

Australia has a very complex and structured wage and salary system, difficult to ‘systemise’ and easy to miscalculate. P…

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Navigating Hybrid Working Environments

Navigating hybrid working is the key topic on the minds of leaders and employees. We have a rare opportunity for the wor…

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