Partnering with clients to help their projects ”get back on track”

According to a KPMG, AIPM and IPMA survey*, organisations continue to find it difficult to deliver projects that meet all objectives and achieve stakeholder satisfaction. In fact, only 19% of organisations deliver successful projects, at least most of the time, and only 44% of organisations are likely to deliver projects that meet the original goal and business intent.

Allegra partners with clients to support struggling projects to “get back on track”. Our adaptive and dynamic approach means we can tailor our approach to meet your needs.

Our experience in delivering complex solutions gives us a unique insight into the key factors that make complex projects successful. This includes being adaptive to any methodology and the ability to identify and mitigate pitfalls. 

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ChangeFit® Diagnostic

For any project, program, transformation we undertake a ChangeFit® diagnostic including:

Reviewing the target operating model we often find the integrated picture of the future isn’t always clear to all stakeholders

Assess the change management approach – what framework and tools are being used, and how well have your change impacts been assessed?

Understand the resourcing and capability of both the transformation effort and the business adopting the change

Analyse the change governance and change readiness in the organisation and other supporting structures

Our approach to project recovery

Assess & scope

Agree on the assessment process and scope of work.

Perform a diagnostic on the project

We conduct the diagnostic based on agreed plan and approach. This includes interviews with key stakeholders, reviews of artefacts, analysis of data and assumptions supporting the project.

Develop and agree on a recovery plan

We compile findings into a report with associated recommendations.

Implement the recovery plan

We implement the plan including the associated recommendations. Controls will be in place to ensure the project is meeting its objectives and deliverables. This includes regular status reporting, communications and risk and issues management.

How we can help

Project delivery diagnostic

Our specialists will evaluate your project delivery process, identify inefficiencies, and provide customised recommendations to improve your project's success rate, ensuring that your projects are delivered on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards. Let us help you achieve project success and exceed stakeholder expectations with our project delivery diagnostic service.

Project delivery support

We have a range of services available to facilitate the successful delivery of a project, including project planning, risk management, stakeholder management, quality control and change management.

Change management support

We provide a range of strategies, tools, and resources used to help individuals, teams, and organisations navigate transitions in business processes, technologies, structures or cultural change in ways of working.

Project management office set-up

Our specialists will support your project management office set-up, focusing on governance, standardisation, and oversight for project management practices, processes, and tools to improve project performance and achieve strategic objectives.


From the outset Allegra’s approach was authentic, honest and straight to the point. Allegra has a genuine understanding of the industry and what happens in the change management arena.

- Big Four Bank Client, Consulting services

From contractor care, to networking events and personal growth, your outstanding reputation in the Melbourne Change Management community is rightly deserved.

- Adam Dale, CM Consultant

From the outset Allegra’s approach was authentic, honest and straight to the point. Allegra has a genuine understanding of the industry and what happens in the change management arena.

- ANZ Employee, Change Managment Consulting Services

I have worked with the Allegra team for more than eight years and they remain my number one preferred recruitment agency for exceptional change and transformation specialists

- Origin Energy, Recruitment services

I am truly grateful for the consulting relationship I have developed with Seath, Sonia and Gordon - all experts in their recruitment field - they always go that extra mile.

- Lisa Stock, Change Practitioner

Allegra’s approach was calm, pragmatic and fit for purpose. The team shared their thinking and reasoning for their approach and kept me well-informed of progress.

- University Client, Change Management Consulting Services

The division Allegra looked after received the most impressive results. Thank you for your professionalism, flexibility, expertise, and a sustained focus on delivering quality sessions for our people.

- NSW Government Department Client, Facilitation Services

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