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by Diane Lynch 29 May 2019

Adaptive and Dynamic Organisations

In 1985 during a time of leg warmers and fluoro headbands, Alvin and Heidi Toffler...

by Cat Heffernan 12 February 2019

Culture is Everywhere

Hardly a day goes by without several references in the news to the role that...

by Allegra Consulting 30 January 2017

'Being' on a holiday every day

How often as humans do we ever feel content, happy, and fulfilled with what we currently...

by Caroline Mills 12 October 2016

Naptime at Ikea? How good is your cultural sensitivity?

Reading an article in the New York Times over the weekend I started thinking about how...

by Allegra Consulting 21 June 2016

Learning organisations - how they do it

Although the concept of a learning organisation was most profoundly brought to life by...

by Allegra Consulting 26 May 2016

Change management: global perspectives

Our series on change management around the world continues with a look at issues,...

by Allegra Consulting 06 May 2016

How can business leaders impact successful change management?

With between 50 and 70 per cent of change management projects still failing to achieve...

by Allegra Consulting 04 May 2016

How to use social networking effectively in change management

Prosci – when undertaking research for their publication 2012 Edition of Best Practices...

by Allegra Consulting 01 March 2016

5 ways to keeping your transformation program on track

With a high failure rate amongst transformation projects, what can you do to ensure your...

by Allegra Consulting 01 March 2016

Communication: getting it right from the get-go

A recent investigation into the effectiveness of change management projects has uncovered...