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Adaptive and Dynamic Organisations

Posted 29 May 2019
by Diane Lynch

It is fair to say that most organisations are focused on securing a path to a profitable, sustainable future. Key to this is the ability to be both adaptive and dynamic. What does that mean in practical terms?

In 1985 during a time of leg warmers and fluoro headbands, Alvin and Heidi Toffler theorized about what organisations must do not only to survive but to be successful in an ever-changing environment. As leg warmers and fluoro gear make a comeback so does the work of the Tofflers.  In 2019, it remains a significant challenge for organisations to prosper and stay ahead of the game.  I believe the role of the change and transformation professionals is to lead the charge towards adaptive and dynamic organisations.

How do we as change professionals kick start and drive this cultural journey, and what vital attributes are essential to the adaptive organisation?  

Vital attributes of truly adaptive organisations 
Allegra Consulting has identified three key attributes that enable organisations to adapt to changing economic, social and environmental conditions, in a world that is changing more rapidly than ever before.

  1. An effective operating model and collaboration systems that are seamless and effective;
  2. A genuine belief in the importance of nurturing a Growth Mindset, including valuing social learning through sharing of experiences outside of their own organisations. Allegra Consulting’s networking and educational events provide an excellent opportunity for networking and knowledge sharing with peers, industry experts and even competitors.
  3. Encouraging team members to take brave decisions and experiment without fear of “reprisal” or punishment. The importance of building a culture that rewards those who think innovatively and dare to be creative and encourage different thinking to solve the pressing issues that organisations face. 

We don’t have all the answers, but we do know with certainty, that these key attributes that are essential for organisations to forge a successful future.


(Image: https://flashbak.com/legwarmers-lycra-leotards-totally-rad-aerobics-fashions-of-the-80s-374480/)

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