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by Allegra Consulting 24 February 2016

Workplace wellbeing strengthens organisational culture

The day-to-day pressure of working in a fast-paced, corporate environment can take its...

by Allegra Consulting 11 July 2014

New research from Prosci – Best Practices in Change Management, 2014 edition

The Prosci 2014 Best Practices in Change Management is now available for purchase from...

by Allegra Consulting 22 August 2013

Allegra Consulting event brings out our animal side!

Thank you to all who attended Allegra Consulting’s recent event where Arthur Shelley and...

by Allegra Consulting 27 May 2013

Change Management: it never pays to cut corners

One of the most common definitions of corporate culture is, “It’s the way we do things...

by Allegra Consulting 30 July 2012

Change Management: Starting with the right approach

This tutorial series from Prosci and the Change Management Learning Center presents the...

by Allegra Consulting 12 June 2012

Prosci model for assessing change management maturity

With this new web-based application, change professionals have a framework for...

by Allegra Consulting 11 May 2012

Change Management: the people side of change

Prosci wants to hear your thoughts about the five foundational tenets for change...

by Allegra Consulting 04 May 2012

Institutionalising change management

Is your organization ready to make the move toward institutionalising change management?...

by Allegra Consulting 19 April 2012

Who are the top contributors to change management success?

Dive into this week’s tutorial from the Change Management Learning Center to discover...

by Allegra Consulting 09 November 2011

Online Tutorial: Prosci individual-organisational approach to change management

The latest tutorial from Prosci focuses on the successful blending of individual change...