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by Diane Lynch & Caroline Mills 17 December 2019

Engaging Groups to Drive Change

Who are the people and groups Change Managers need to help and drive successful Change...

by Caroline Mills 08 November 2019

Top Tips for Great Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder Management is one of those skills that can make or break your success as a...

by Diane Lynch 06 November 2019

Enterprise Change Management and why it's a NO BRAINER!

The only way for organisations to thrive during these times of constant change is to...

by Caroline Mills 26 June 2019

Creating your own Change Heat Map

I recently hosted a webinar on building a basic Change Heatmap so thought that, for those...

by Diane Lynch 12 February 2019

The Change Maven of the Future

Change Management has to keep up to speed with New Ways of Working and to do that the...

by Caroline Mills 30 August 2018

Building Organisational Change Capability

Recently, I have had many conversations with senior executives and leaders in...

by Diane Lynch 21 August 2018

Evolutionary and Adaptive Change Managers

Change Managers talk about the concept of constant change now being the norm. Our new...

by Caroline Mills 15 May 2018

What my Dogs and Cats taught me about Change Management

We now know from recent years of neuroscience that we can change our mindsets, our...

by Caroline Mills 22 February 2018

What are the elements of an Agile Organisation?

We now find ourselves in 2018 and Agile is a hotter topic in organisations than it was 12...

by Diane Lynch 07 February 2018

Is it important that change managers have commercial acumen in 2018?

Being commercially savvy enough to make the right business decision hasn’t always been a...