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Change Management for HR

Posted 06 February 2020
by Cat Heffernan

It’s both an extremely challenging and exciting time to work in HR – and your perspective may depend on how equipped you are to embrace change yourself.

As organisations grapple with evolving work practices to attract and retain talent and ‘new ways of working’ to unlock potential, HR’s time to shine has definitely come.  Never has the people agenda been so obviously linked to the strategy (although some of us would argue that link has always been there…!).

And yet,  in our conversations with HR professionals, we often hear stories of feeling like they are in the midst of a storm at sea – imagine the wind is howling and the waves are crashing and they’re not actually sure they will make it to shore!  There may be a lifeboat there, but it requires them to jump into the deep end and it feels risky. They are dealing with unfamiliar technology and methodologies, increasing demands from stakeholders to live up to and evolving expectations at all levels.  It’s not that the changes aren’t understood and appreciated but we are in completely unchartered territory – and sitting it out waiting for it to pass is not an option.

The HR function can play an important role in helping navigate organisational turbulence and uncertainty through change management. HR professionals have an integral role to play when their organisation is managing change and often must act as an agent of change – a conduit that is present from initial planning through to execution. At the core of a HR role is people management – how we make changes is at least as important as ‘what’ we change and that ‘how’ inevitably involves people.  We need to be the champions of how people think, feel and behave and learn new approaches to our own work. 

To build change capability for HR professionals, our Change Management for HR Professionals Masterclass aims to provide participants with a basic process of how to manage change and apply change management frameworks, templates to BAU activities and specific projects. 

The masterclass will focus on:

  • understanding change impacts;
  • stakeholder management;
  • stakeholder empathy – getting in the shoes of stakeholders;
  • change mindset; and
  • using a change management toolkit.  

Caroline Mills and I will step you through case studies, proven methodologies and practical tips gained from combined experience in human resources, executive leadership, and change and transformation across various industries. Learn how to build a basic change approach for HR with the opportunity to put your learning into practise by applying to theoretical case studies, such as Implementing a New Performance Management Framework, Introducing a New Induction Program or Building a Talent Program.

You can find out more information or register for the masterclass here.



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