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by Gordan Stokes 07 July 2020

Decision Making in times of Uncertainty

During periods of significant change, the decision-making process becomes extremely...

by Gordan Stokes 30 June 2020

Guide to protecting yourself and others against COVID-19

This guide includes some recommendations to help protect yourself and others against...

by Gordan Stokes 23 June 2020

Post COVID-19 World

As we move into a Post COVID-19 world our ways of working will change, in particular, the...

by Caroline Mills 27 May 2020

What has COVID-19 taught us about Change Management?

COVID-19 has provided us with a great reminder in a way that we all have different and...

by Gordan Stokes 26 May 2020

Going back to Work - Strategies to Manage the Transition

With the loosening of lockdown restrictions, we are considering the return to normality,...

by Diane Lynch 26 May 2020

Change Management Models

Over the last 20 years or so, various models and methodologies have been developed and...

by Clare Davy 12 May 2020

Self-Care Activity Ideas

Listed under the four dimensions of wellbeing are a range of self-care activity ideas...

by Gordan Stokes 29 April 2020

Mindset during the Pandemic

At times like this, we need to be proactive in dealing with our (worrying) thoughts to...

by Gordan Stokes 28 April 2020

Managing Grief in COVID-19 Times

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone on the entire planet in many ways. Those of...

by Gordan Stokes 09 April 2020

Setting Boundaries for Social Media & Accessing the News

It is important to monitor and set appropriate boundaries to limit how much social media...