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by Cat Heffernan 26 September 2019

Systemic Transformation

Talent is important, and identifying best talent is one of the pillars of the strategy...

by Caroline Mills 26 June 2019

Creating your own Change Heat Map

I recently hosted a webinar on building a basic Change Heatmap so thought that, for those...

by Diane Lynch 29 May 2019

Adaptive and Dynamic Organisations

In 1985 during a time of leg warmers and fluoro headbands, Alvin and Heidi Toffler...

by Clare Davy 20 May 2019

The Evolution of Workplace Learning to Bite-Sized

Training and development needs must align with the new fast-paced work environment. Bite-...

by Clare Davy 06 March 2019

International Women's Day & Sisterworks

On Friday 8th March many people around the globe will be collectively celebrating...

by Caroline Mills 12 February 2019

Change Adaptive Leadership

What type of leadership is needed as organisations try to ready themselves to face the...

by Cat Heffernan 12 February 2019

Culture is Everywhere

Hardly a day goes by without several references in the news to the role that...

by Diane Lynch 12 February 2019

The Change Maven of the Future

Change Management has to keep up to speed with New Ways of Working and to do that the...

by Clare Davy 07 February 2019

Discover your Learning Style

For those of you who are unsure of your learning style, the following information will...

by Caroline Mills 13 December 2018

Mental Wellbeing and Change Management

In a world where its easier to get things done somehow mental health is declining.