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Five Key Change Themes for 2022

Posted 10 February 2022
by Caroline Mills and Tracey Penington

Caroline Mills and Tracey Penington explore emerging themes in the change and transformation space for 2022.

  1. Accelerated Digital Change – COVID-19 has thrown us knee-deep into the digital space. Change practitioners need to be across the changing landscapes and keep relevant and recent.
  2. Change and Wellbeing – organisations need to invest in this. Change and wellbeing should go hand in hand.
  3. Building Enterprise Change Capability – all leaders should understand change and how to lead through change.  
  4. Delivering Change in Hybrid Workplaces – hybrid working is here to stay, but it is worth noting that it can make practices such as facilitation and stakeholder engagement more complicated.
  5. Adapting to Ambiguity – adaptability is one of the top skills for now and into the future for change practitioners.

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