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by Allegra Consulting 05 October 2015

Change and Transformation in the digital age

Allegra Consulting recently hosted its annual Educational and Networking event at the...

by Allegra Consulting 31 July 2015

Closure of Australian manufacturing office still unlocks CM wins!

The HR team at Merck, Sharp...

by Allegra Consulting 06 March 2015

Allegra Global Change Management series: UK

This is the first in our series of articles on change management across the globe....

by Allegra Consulting 26 February 2015

Change Management and the "psychological contract"

The concept of the “Psychological Contract” has been around since the 1960s, but do we...

by Allegra Consulting 26 February 2015

CMROI calculator: New tool helps quantify CM success

By putting concrete numbers to the percentage of project benefits that depend on adoption...

by Allegra Consulting 15 November 2014

Allegra Consulting Change Management event speaker summaries and presentations

As 2014 starts to wind up, we should all take some time to reflect on what we have...

by Allegra Consulting 15 July 2014

Allegra Consulting takes change to a new level

The merger of Allegra Consulting and Gordian Global Solutions represents an exciting...

by Allegra Consulting 11 July 2014

New research from Prosci – Best Practices in Change Management, 2014 edition

The Prosci 2014 Best Practices in Change Management is now available for purchase from...

by Allegra Consulting 22 August 2013

Allegra Consulting event brings out our animal side!

Thank you to all who attended Allegra Consulting’s recent event where Arthur Shelley and...

by Allegra Consulting 22 August 2013

Can you be both heard, and liked?

Neither men nor women are overall better communicators, but each tend to excel in...