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by Allegra Consulting 19 July 2012

Communications in change management

The second module in Prosci’s 2012 edition of Best Practices in Change Management is all...

by Helen Haley 18 June 2012

Take the change management leadership challenge!

According to California-based lecturer and consultant William Bridges, when change occurs...

by Allegra Consulting 12 June 2012

Prosci model for assessing change management maturity

With this new web-based application, change professionals have a framework for...

by Allegra Consulting 18 May 2012

Good communication is vital to business transformation success

Two great minds of the 19th and 20th centuries had the following to say about change: "It...

by Allegra Consulting 11 May 2012

Change Management: the people side of change

Prosci wants to hear your thoughts about the five foundational tenets for change...

by Allegra Consulting 04 May 2012

Institutionalising change management

Is your organization ready to make the move toward institutionalising change management?...

by Allegra Consulting 19 April 2012

Plan your change management journey

View this week’s tutorial online at the Prosci Change Management Learning Center website...

by Allegra Consulting 19 April 2012

Who are the top contributors to change management success?

Dive into this week’s tutorial from the Change Management Learning Center to discover...

by Allegra Consulting 28 March 2012

Prosci’s 2012 edition of Best Practices in Change Management benchmarking report

A new study of 650 organizations reveals success factors during change. Business leaders...

by Allegra Consulting 14 March 2012

How the Prosci “ADKAR” Model can be used to understand employee behavior

What behaviors should you expect when there is a lack of Awareness, Desire, Knowledge,...