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What employees are looking for in a Change Manager

Posted 13 June 2017
by Diane Lynch

The Future of Work is dictating what employers are looking for when they need to recruit a Change Manager.

Yes, employers are still looking for Change Managers who have an understanding of the principles of Change Management and associated methodologies, but more importantly they want to know that the Change Manager is pragmatic and flexible in their approach. There is a skill in choosing the best approach for each project/organisation.

What skills I am asked to look for most often when searching for the right person for a Change Manager role is;

  • Ability  to translate complex information into easy-to-understand messaging, which requires strong written communication skills and an ability to articulate clearly.
  • Can listen and understand the 'What’s in it for me?’
  • Passion for Change Management and the ability to take people on a journey
  • Delivery-focused
  • Creative and innovative - not afraid to try different things
  • Knowledgeable about digital communications and social media. Willingness and ability to leverage various communications channels for delivering messages
  • Inquisitive and not afraid to ask what might seem to be “the silly questions”
  • Practitioners who are strategic but also have the ability to be tactical
  • A can do attitude - doing what you need to deliver the desired results
  • Industry experience, especially for contract positions. There is the thinking that you should be able to hit the ground running if you are familiar with the industry

So based on this, my hot tips are:

  • Melbourne is a small town in the sense that everyone knows everyone in the Change Management community. If you are good at what you do it will get around. If you are not good at what you do it will also get around like wild fire!
  • Make sure the language you use in your CV is consistent with your LinkedIn profile
  • Check that what you say is what you do – for example, if you say you are good with social media channels, is this reflected in your LinkedIn activity? It’s easy for potential employers to check.
  • You need to network and maintain your learning to stay ahead of the pack

How to stay ahead of the pack

To stay in the game you need to assess your capabilities and look at what’s emerging/trending in the change market space and ensure you are leading the pack. It’s a must, especially as a contractor, when you have to manage your own professional development.

Our Change Management Think Tank (#ChangeThinkTank) on 28 June at the Arena, 700 Bourke Street will help you think about what emerging capabilities you need to be thinking about to make sure you are always in demand as a Change Manager.

Networking events and Allegra Change Management Workshops in partnership with Lena Ross from #changehacks are a great way to stay abreast of best practice with exciting, interactive sessions where you can share knowledge and ideas with like-minded people. Topics include;

  • Neuroscience of Change
  • Change Management meets Design Thinking
  • Change Agility

If you don’t stay ahead and give yourself a competitive advantage, how marketable will you be in the current business climate, where organisations are delivering constant and complex change, while wanting to do more with less?

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