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Payroll Remediation

Posted 14 July 2022
by Caroline Mills, Tara Mooney and Cat Heffernan

Australia has a very complex and structured wage and salary system, difficult to ‘systemise’ and easy to miscalculate.  The ramifications of errors are significant and costs of remediation, as we have seen, can be significant, not only financially but also reputationally.

We believe for every case that is publicised there are many more that are not. As payroll systems become more digital and grow in complexity organisations have identified their problems and commenced remediation sooner rather than later.

There are potential reputational impacts, potential litigation and financial risks – often in the millions of dollars.

Caroline Mills, Tara Mooney and Cat Heffernan discuss some of the causes driving payroll remediation activity, and from what we have seen, how you can take positive action to correct these.



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