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Is it important that change managers have commercial acumen in 2018?

Posted 07 February 2018
by Diane Lynch

Being commercially savvy enough to make the right business decision hasn’t always been a core competency for change professionals.  For many, that was left to the business or project leader, but a subtle shift is taking place in the domain of the change specialist.

Increasingly, change managers are being asked to demonstrate commercial acumen as a standalone competency. For some, this might be a welcome opportunity to engage with business colleagues on an equal standing, relishing the ability to show real “skin in the game”; a grown-up business discipline some might say.  Others may contend that shifting the focus too much towards commerciality will decrease the change professional’s core role of shifting behaviours and delivering a sustainable new world.

Whatever future emerges, you can be certain that like most other professions, change professionals will continue to be charged with delivering increasing value.  It might just be time to start studying those balance sheets!

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