Change Capability Assessment

Identify, understand and manage your organisation's growth

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Planning is key to successful growth

At Allegra Consulting we believe that change management needs to be a core capability in organisations. For us, this means that, at an organisational level, team level and individual level change management is part of how we work.

What we do...

By working with an organisation and establishing its specific needs, we will perform a baseline or organisational change maturity assessment (see Figure 1 below) using quantitative and qualitative measures.

  • Surveys
  • Interviews
  • Reviewing artefacts

Our Model for Success...

We conduct an assessment of your maturity and provide a recommended way forward using our Organisational Change Maturity Model. This model considers an organisation's approach to change over the following four key dimensions (with 40 key indicators assessed):

  • Clarity
  • Context
  • Capability
  • Culture

Ongoing Implementation & Support...

Some examples of the type of work we might do to support you, once the baseline assessment is complete, include:

  1. Building and tailoring frameworks, tools templates
  2. Building capability in practitioners, executives, people leaders and employees including face to face workshops, webinars and a digital solution
  3. Setting up change governance
  4. Supplying a standard change framework and toolkit

Our organisational change maturity approach

Diagram explaining change capability assessment

Let us help manage transition within your organisation.