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Building lasting Capability

Strong people capability ensures an organisation can deliver its current priorities in line with customer expectations and drive future challenges and opportunities.  It  needs to be approached with the same rigour that would be applied to any business issue. 

In order to have the ‘right people with the right skills at the right time’ there needs to be a dynamic process that links the capabilities required to achieve the desired business outcomes and translated into a plan by role for implementation.

Our models have been built on our experience of what we know works and is practical for the organisation.  We also align with adult learning theories that state that most learning does not occur in the ‘classroom’, so we encourage ways to take what is learned into the workplace.

Our programs are underpinned by Quantum Intellect (Qi) which has been designed and developed in conjunction with clinical psychotherapists and organisational psychologists. Qi introduces a mindset that provides leaders and employees with the tools and ability to develop a new way of thinking and adapting to the dynamic world we live in.

We can assist in building that capability and creating the right culture and environment through a series of:

  • Cultural Change Programs
  • ChangeFit® Programs
  • Adaptive Leadership
  • Change Capability uplift
  • Performance Management
  • Team Dynamics
  • Change & Management
  • Education & Masterclasses


Work with us and discover the difference we can make.

Case Study 1.

CLIENT: Service New South Wales (SNSW)

BRIEF: Design and deliver an Introduction to Leadership program for all leaders across 33 Service Centres and 2 Call Centres across NSW.

DELIVERABLES: Designed, developed and delivered a two day highly interactive and engaging development program. During the program, SNSW leaders developed a one pager outlining their team’s goals around culture and community activities that aligned to SNSW mission and strategy. As a result of the success of the two-day leadership program, Allegra Consulting was asked to develop and deliver a comprehensive SNSW Culture Program for approximately 400 staff. The successful deliverables included:

  • Design and development of a two day Emotional Intelligence program for call centre leaders
  • Design and development of a performance framework for SNSW including developing scorecards for all roles
  • Design and development of tools and processes to support leaders in delivering the performance framework to their team.

OUTCOME: Across all programs delivered the feedback received was outstanding, before and after benchmarking revealed the program resulted in strong increases in motivation and engagement amongst leaders and their teams.

Case Study 2.

CLIENT: Cushman & Wakefield

BRIEF: Design, build and deliver a Performance Management System for 11 countries across Asia Pacific within a tight timeframe.

DELIVERABLES: Within two weeks, Allegra Consulting transformational specialists had designed and built the performance management framework for a wide range of roles (including managing director, manager organisational development, learning specialists and graphic artists) which included 41 separate deliverables:

  • Documents
  • Templates
  • Forms
  • Videos
  • Podcasts

OUTCOME: Allegra Consulting set new benchmarks in performance management for Cushman & Wakefield. The C&W executive team was thrilled with the quality of work delivered in such a tight timeframe.