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Who are the top contributors to change management success?

What are the “make it or break it” success factors for your change management efforts?

Dive into this week’s tutorial from the Change Management Learning Center to discover what the 2012 Best Practices in Change Management report says about the greatest contributors to change management success.  With editor’s notes offering additional insight into the findings, learn what makes the top six factors significant for your change project.

Discover the greatest contributors to success from Prosci’s 2012 edition of Best Practices in Change Management:

  1. Active and visible executive sponsorship
  2. Frequent and open communication about the change
  3. Structured change management approach
  4. Dedicated resources and funding for change management
  5. Employee engagement and participation
  6. Engagement with and support from middle management

Prosci is also running a webinar on the topic of “Greatest contributors and biggest obstacles” on April 25 & 26.

Check out their website for details of times, and to register

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