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Systemic Transformation

Posted 26 September 2019
by Cat Heffernan

It has been a couple of weeks of international sporting surprises and, as an ode to my homeland – Canada, I drew some inspiration from the American Open Tennis Women’s Finals results.

This amazing young woman (she was born in the year 2000!) just claimed the victory over the grand doyenne of the sport, Serena Williams on home turf.  It’s a real ‘David and Goliath’ type tale.  How did she do it (aside from an incredible amount of individual talent)?  Are there lessons we can learn and take into a management context?

The article below suggests there are, stating that true systemic innovation might be at the core.  Talent is important, and identifying best talent is one of the pillars of the strategy that Tennis Canada put in place to improve outcomes.  But setting up the right system for that talent to flourish – and then having the guts to stick to your strategy – is key to the creation of systemic change.


Link to article in Quartz at work:​ https://qz.com/work/1705419/us-open-2019-the-management-lesson-in-bianca-andreescus-victory/


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