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Prosci model for assessing change management maturity

Posted 12 June 2012
by Allegra Consulting

Prosci, a world leader in change management research, released today a new tool for assessing the change leadership maturity of any organisation. With this new web-based application, change professionals have a framework for establishing the baseline of organisational maturity related to managing and leading change.

“This tool is a breakthrough for organisations needing to build change capability,” explains Susie Taylor, Prosci Account Manager. “Now organisations can establish a starting point for their work in building change leadership competencies at every level in the organisation. With the Change Management Maturity Model Audit, leading organisations can evaluate where they are today and create a roadmap for building core competencies.”

The Prosci Change Management Maturity Model Audit breaks organisational change management maturity into five Capability Areas.

  • Capability Area 1, Leadership, describes the level of support from senior leaders regarding the value and importance of change management.
  • Capability Area 2, Application, examines the use of change management processes and tools on projects and initiatives throughout the organisation.
  • Capability Area 3, Competencies, looks at the existing individual skills and competencies in leading change throughout the organisation, from the CEO to front-line supervisors.
  • Capability Area 4, Standardisation, addresses the move toward the common application of change management. Standardisation can include the creation of a dedicated functional group and the development of change management job roles and positions.
  • Capability Area 5, Socialisation, examines the commitment and buy-in for change management throughout the organisation.

The Prosci Change Management Maturity Model Audit is available for purchase at the Change Management Learning Center. The price is $89 for each Change Management Maturity Model Audit access code. Customers are provided with unique login credentials that allow them to complete the audit.

Learn more about the Prosci Change Management Maturity Model Audit: http://www.change-management.com/cmmma.htm.

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