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Online Tutorial: Prosci individual-organisational approach to change management

The latest tutorial from Prosci focuses on the successful blending of individual change management AND organisational change management to achieve ultimate success.

Why are both individual change management and organisational change management necessary?

Prosci says organisational change ultimately happens one individual at a time, but change management practitioners need a manageable and repeatable approach to encourage change with hundreds or thousands. How do you balance the individual nature of change with the processes and tools a team can employ? The Prosci Change Management Methodology presents a unique approach that integrates individual change management and organisational change management. This tutorial from Prosci and the Change Management Learning Center presents the Prosci Change Management Methodology and shows how change can be effectively managed with an integrated approach.

In this tutorial, learn about:

  • Individual change management – an outcome-oriented view
  • Organizational change management – an activity-oriented view
  • Integrating individual and organizational change management

Integrated Individual-Organisational Approach: The Prosci Change Management Methodology tutorial:

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