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New research from Prosci – Best Practices in Change Management, 2014 edition

Posted 11 July 2014
by Allegra Consulting

The Prosci 2014 Best Practices in Change Management is now available for purchase from the Prosci website.

Prosci have described the report as: “…the largest body of knowledge on managing the people side of change. Nowhere else will you find such breadth and depth of data that can help you deliver results.”

The report is available for purchase at the Prosci website for $349. There are 250 pages of research results and lessons learned gathered by Prosci starting in 1998 until today. Learn from about what what works and what doesn’t from the input of more than 800 change management practitioners in 63 countries!


Know your discipline

Leverage latest data and new research on cutting-edge topics like measurement, resourcing and budgeting, and integrating with project management.

Know what not to do

Avoid mistakes and missing a crucial step or action by acquiring the foresight that comes from practitioners who share what they would have done differently.

Know what worked for others

Gain countless insights with focused tips and suggestions that can provide support whether you are structuring your overall approach or customizing specific activities.

Know what to do next

Plan concrete steps with actionable findings to guide both how you structure your change management approach and how you execute specific practice areas.

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