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Levels of Change Management – level 3

Posted 15 May 2013
by Allegra Consulting

Change management’s purpose is clear – to ensure that changes deliver intended results and outcomes by addressing one of the most critical elements of successful change, the people side of change.

Employee adoption and usage are the bridge between a great solution and ultimate results. In practice, change management plays out on several different levels within the organisation.

To provide clarity to this rapidly emerging and evolving discipline and to understand how it is practiced within organisations, Prosci and the Change Management Learning Center are releasing a tutorial series on the Levels of Change Management. This series will examine change management on three distinct levels:

  1. The Enterprise Level – as an organisational capability and competency
  2. The Project Level – as a benefit realisation and value creation measure applied on particular initiatives
  3. The Individual Level – as an approach for enabling one person to change successfully

Read the tutorial on change management at the individual level and/or attend the free one-hour webinar (today or tomorrow) via this link.

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