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Institutionalising change management

Is your organization ready to make the move toward institutionalising change management?

How would you like to be able to describe your organisation with one of these phrases... ?

  1. “Great change management” is second nature and part of the DNA of the organization
  2. Change management is the organisation’s Standard Operation Procedure
  3. Change management is the norm on projects and initiatives
  4. Change management is an expectation, not an exception
  5. All employees have internalised their role in leading change

Each of these statements rings true for an organisation that has shifted its focus from project-by-project application toward institutionalising change management practices, processes, capabilities and competencies.

Prosci calls this effort Enterprise Change Management (ECM), the structured and intentional deployment of change management across and throughout an organisation. This tutorial from Prosci and the Change Management Learning Center lays the foundation for Enterprise Change Management and marks the release of a new ECM Suite to support organizations in their effort to build change management capabilities and competencies. 
Read this tutorial to learn:

  1. What is ECM (Enterprise Change Management)
  2. Why take on ECM
  3. The key to succeeding in Enterprise Change Management
  4. About the new Prosci ECM Suite

Read this tutorial on “
Institutionalising Change Management” by clicking here.

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