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How to use social networking effectively in change management

Posted 04 May 2016
by Allegra Consulting

With all the ‘buzz’ around social media in today’s world, Prosci – when undertaking research for their publication 2012 Edition of Best Practices in Change Management, found that change practitioners wanted to know if social networking tools were being used to facilitate the management of change, or as a supplementary communication vehicle. If so, what tools were being used?

Interestingly, almost one in five participants utilized Web 2.0 or social networking tools.

Three primary benefits were identified by participants who used Web 2.0 or social networking applications.

Get messages out
The most commonly cited reason for using Web 2.0 and social networking applications was to communicate messages to a broader audience, faster and more efficiently.

Engage the organisation
Respondents reported that Web 2.0 and social networking tools were used to create a more inclusive and supportive work environment by encouraging a more open dialogue within the organisation. Additionally, these newer methods of communication were used to engage all generations.

Informal feedback and tracking
A third benefit identified by participants was the availability of informal feedback and monitoring of staff’s perceptions regarding the change. This ability helped to identify and manage resistance or potential resistance and solve misconceptions or problems early on in the change process.

To read the entire excerpt on Change Management and social networking, visit the Prosci website.

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