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How the Prosci “ADKAR” Model can be used to understand employee behavior

Posted 14 March 2012
by Allegra Consulting

What behaviors should you expect when there is a lack of Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability or Reinforcement?

The Prosci® ADKAR® Model is a framework for managing and understanding individual change. The model consists of five building blocks that must be achieved for change to be successful: Awareness of the need for change, Desire to participate and engage in the change, Knowledge of the skills and competencies needed to successfully change, the Ability to perform the necessary skills and the Reinforcement to sustain the change. This tutorial from Prosci and the Change Management Learning Center identifies behaviors that you can observe at each stage of ADKAR and the steps you can take to facilitate change with your employees.

Read about five change profiles:

  • Profile 1: Barrier point at Awareness
  • Profile 2: Barrier point at Desire
  • Profile 3: Barrier point at Knowledge
  • Profile 4: Barrier point at Ability
  • Profile 5: Barrier point at Reinforcement

The Prosci ADKAR Model and Employee Behavior tutorial can be found at:

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