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How do you answer "What is change management?"

Posted 12 March 2012
by Allegra Consulting

Prosci’s latest tutorial broaches the subject: How do you begin to have the "what is change management" discussion? And how does the person you are talking to impact how you have the conversation?

Key messages from the tutorial say that the secret to building support and buy-in for change management is to position change management as a solution for driving results and outcomes by using the language and context of the other person. By becoming more “you focused” instead of “me focused” in your presentation, you can create a more compelling case for change management and ultimately get the head nod and commitment you need to successfully apply change management. This tutorial from Prosci and the Change Management Learning Center presents tips, suggestions and examples for how to have more effective “what is change management” discussions.

The tutorial provides guidance on:

  • How to introduce change management as a solution to the reality of change
  • How to customize your “what is change management” discussion for your audience
  • How to have the “what is change management” discussion with:
    • Project management practitioners
    • Six Sigma specialists
    • Lean specialists
    • Operational Efficiency specialists
    • Senior leaders
    • Anyone you run into on the street

Visit the online tutorial at: http://www.change-management.com/tutorial-what-is-cm.htm

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