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Employee’s Survival Guide to Change

“Employee’s Survival Guide to Change”

Posted 08 February 2013
by Allegra Consulting

The third edition of the Employee’s Survival Guide to Change has been published by Prosci. Written to speak directly to employees, this book answers frequently asked questions to provide an understanding about why change is happening and how to control it.  Employees learn that the decisions they make throughout the change process have a direct impact on their own success during the transition, how they perform and how they are perceived at work.  The newest revision of the Survival Guide provides practical examples of actions employees can take to be successful, respected leaders among their peers and managers.

The Employee’s Survival Guide to Change helps employees become participants in change rather than victims or targets of change. Employees now can take control and discover how to survive and thrive in today’s changing workplace. This book is available from Prosci at http://www.change-management.com/survival-guide.htm.

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