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CMROI calculator: New tool helps quantify CM success

It’s a frequently asked question in change management circles: “How do I measure and report the success of my change management initiative?”. We know there is no “silver bullet” solution to this query – rather a series of options… However, quantifying the success of change management initiatives that support project objectives around employee adoption may now be easier with the introduction of Prosci’s CMROI calculator.

Prosci says of its breakthrough tool:

By putting concrete numbers to the percentage of project benefits that depend on adoption and usage, the CMROI Calculator shows others that change management is not an optional add-on but a requirement in driving results and outcomes.

The Calculator, based on Prosci’s innovative approach for quantifying and evaluating the contribution of adoption and usage, will show the direct, quantifiable impact your change management work can have on project ROI.

Primary Benefits:

  1. Provide tangible numbers to senior leaders on why change management is a good business decision
  2. Quantify the impact of change management by equating it to real dollars and cents
  3. Engage stakeholders in the discussion and calculation of the ROI of change management
  4. Self-check project goals and benefits throughout the life of a project

Access to the Prosci CMROI tool is based on a monthly or annual subscription. You can find out more on the CMROI webpage.

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