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Check Out HealthyMe Digital

Posted 03 April 2020
by Diane Lynch

As the level of anxiety and disruption grows exponentially in Australia and around the world, Allegra Consulting as specialists in Change and Transformation are stepping up to the plate.

HealthyMe Digital focusses on holistic health and wellbeing concerns with information that can be accessed on-demand in bite-sized portions. It’s a proactive and positive way of providing some help and support to people wherever and whenever they need it.  The HealthyMe Digital product is designed to take a proactive approach to wellbeing by introducing digital content that supports users across all dimensions of our lives including Mental, Physical, Emotional and Environmental.

HealthyMe Digital (https://www.healthymedigital.com/) focuses on content around health and wellbeing. New content is added regularly and provides important support in challenging times like COVID-19. The material has been designed by a team of experts including psychologists, health & safety experts, leaders, organisational development and change management specialists.

We can also upload content specific to your organisational needs. We are here to support you; your team and your organisation be a healthier you.

Your teams can complete their own self agility assessment, and we can tailor programs for your teams and your organisations. Our reporting and analytics can help you really understand the need in your organisation by providing insights on topics of interest, usage frequency and themes and patterns. Our real-time approach means we can update content regularly and quickly. 

For more information, please call us on 1300 444 225 or email info@allegraconsulting.com.au.

Benefits of HealthyMe Digital

A Proactive & Preventative Approach to Health and Wellbeing -HealthyMe Digital is designed to take a proactive approach to health and wellbeing by providing positive tools, tips and learnings in a digital form and leveraging the latest in technology.

Dynamic content Aligned with User Need –Content can easily be updated to support changing needs in the environment or to target specific groups. Reporting and analytics can be provided.

Educating through bite-sized learning – Digital content is provided in small bite-sized learning, designed to support our busy lifestyle and align with the user need.

Real-time information and analytics – Providing real-time information focused on health and wellbeing.

Providing Access to Regional and Remote Areas – With the ability to access content via mobile technology, this supports access for remote and regional areas.

Cohorts and User-Specific Groups – HealthyMe Digital is designed to provide content to specific users. This can be via various user groups, segmented as required.

Fast and Simple Implementation – HealthyMe Digital is quick and easy to set up and implement across large geographical areas.

Reducing Costs to Industry and the Economy –HealthyMe Digital has a focus on supporting a reduction in Mental illness while providing tools and tips to create a healthy lifestyle.

This is a must for every organisation, CHECK IT OUT

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