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Change versus Change Management: Clearing up the confusion

Posted 06 September 2011
by Allegra Consulting

A new tutorial posted by Prosci focuses on Change versus Change Management. The tutorial includes the results of a poll conducted during a webinar hosted by Prosci in March entitled “Effectively positioning change management.”

During the webinar, the notion of change versus change management was introduced.

Their tutorial says: “On the surface these terms may seem interchangeable. However, there is a significant and important difference between change and change management. When there no clear delineation, the result is confusion and lack of clarity on what is needed to move an initiative forward.

The better we can separately define and address change and change management, the better position we will be in as change management practitioners with a clearer scope and shared sense of direction and purpose. This tutorial presents the difference between change and change management and why it is important to address potential confusion.

While change is about moving to a future state; change management is about supporting individual employees impacted by the change through their own transitions – from their own current state to their own future state that has been created by the project or initiative.

The full tutorial, including some revealing statistics, is available at http://www.change-management.com/tutorial-change-vs-change-management.htm

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