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Change Management: the people side of change

Posted 11 May 2012
by Allegra Consulting

Prosci wants to hear your thoughts about the five foundational tenets for change management found in the upcoming second edition of Prosci’s Change Management: the people side of change.

Prosci released the first edition of Change Management: the people side of change in 2003. Since then, they have completed four benchmarking studies, delivered hundreds of training programs and listened to the challenges and triumphs of thousands of change management professionals. This year, Prosci will be releasing a second edition of the book with a revised chapter on “why change management.” Be one of the first to review this presentation of why change management is needed based on the reality of how change actually occurs in your organisation.

Read about the five tenets for change management:

  • Tenet #1: We change for a reason.
  • Tenet #2: Organisational change requires individual change.
  • Tenet #3: Organisational outcomes are the collective result of individual change.
  • Tenet #4: Change management is an enabling framework for managing the people side of change.
  • Tenet #5: We apply change management to make the reasons for change a reality.

View Why change management: Chapter 1 preview online now.

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