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Prosci change management report

Best practices in change management: the latest insights

Posted 14 April 2016
by Allegra Consulting

Are you interested in knowing what constitutes best change management practice in 2016? Are you keen to hear about what other change managers around the world are doing, what is working for them and what isn’t?

The annual Best Practices in Change Management report has just been released. Published by global change management agency, Prosci, its findings are based on a survey of more than 1100 change management professionals across a wide range of industries and located all over the world. Twenty-nine per cent of respondents had had more than 12 years change management experience.

Key findings from the report include:

Change management specialists are more important than ever. The report reveals that projects underpinned by improved change management practices are 6 times more likely to meet their objectives, finish on time and within budget.

Executive sponsorship plays a key role in whether or not change management objectives will be met.The Prosci report reveals 72 per cent of projects with effective sponsors met or exceeded their objectives, compared to just 29 per cent of projects with ineffective sponsors.

Effective executive sponsorship is the greatest contributor to the success (or otherwise) of change management projects. The report reveals the top nine contributors to change management success:

  1. Active and visible executive sponsorship
  2. A structured approach
  3. Dedicated change management resources
  4. Integration and engagement with project management
  5. Employee engagement and participation
  6. Frequent and open communication
  7. Engagement with middle managers.

Cultural awareness can have an enormous impact on change management. Fifty-six per cent of the report’s survey respondents ranked cultural awareness as ‘very important’ in the effectiveness of change implementation.

The use of change agent network is becoming increasingly prevalentwith thirty-nine per cent of study participants having leveraged formal change agent networks. The report suggests the value of change agent networks lies in their ability to extend project support, use resources efficiently, enhance communications, align objectives, build credibility and boost ownership.

Other disciplines that are complementing change management most successfully in 2016 include internal communications (63%), HR business partners (40%, internal consultants (40%), business analysts (38%) and organisation development (33%).

A free executive summary of the Prosci report is available here, or you can purchase the full report for more in-depth analysis of its findings.

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