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Posted 15 November 2014
by Allegra Consulting

As 2014 starts to wind up, we should all take some time to reflect on what we have achieved and ensure we celebrate our success as change practitioners and facilitators.

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day demands of our jobs, but there are always achievements that deserve acknowledgement. This was exceedingly obvious when talking to the inspiring group of Melbourne change management professionals who recently attended the Allegra Consulting Educational and Networking event in late October. So much fantastic work being done by a passionate and committed group. We were delighted with the attendance and response to the event – 170 attendees – our largest group yet. View the exceptional feedback received from Melbourne’s change management community – many thanks to the talented presenters on the night.

Summary of outcomes: Change Management Methodologies Educational and Networking Event

The three speakers at the recent Allegra Consulting educational and networking event shared their insights on the topic of Change Management (CM) methodologies – comparing and contrasting the pros and cons of developing an internal framework versus introducing an externally developed approach.

Lena Ross from NAB shared the challenges and successes of the journey that she and her change management colleagues had undertaken to develop and embed the Change @ NAB methodology. Lena highlighted what the team focused on during the development phases:

  1. Enterprise Change at NAB is an ongoing journey – internal CM methodologies continue to evolve based on current best practice and the specific needs relevant to the NAB environment.
  2. A consistent methodology was vital – one way, same way – not a “fruit salad” approach across the organisation.
  3. There is no “one size fits all” to CM deliverables – different sized change projects have different, and relevant, deliverables. No point drowning people in documentation that is not usable/practical.
  4. Vital to align change methodology with Projects @ NAB methodology.

Read Lena’s full presentation here

Ian Roughsedge is the Managing Director of Changefirst, which helps organisations build and embed change management capability and processes using their People Centred Implementation CM methodology. Ian’s presentation focused on five key observations that he believes are central to delivering successful change outcomes:

  1. For change to be successful, everyone has a role to play.
  2. A change methodology needs to be practical and applicable to a range of situations.
  3. A good methodology should be easy t learn and can be rapidly deployed.
  4. A good methodology will align with other organizational processes – not add another layer of difficulty.
  5. Organisation and individual gain confidence by adopting a proven, well-researched and tested methodology.

Read Ian’s full presentation here

Caroline Mills is Managing Director at Gordian Global Solutions and spoke about “Conscious Change”. Caroline’s presentation focused less on the importance of methodologies, and more on the value of communication skills, emotional intelligence and sponsorship in delivering successful change.

The five “C’s” Caro emphasised as having the ability to truly make a difference in delving successful change programs were:

  1. Communication and relationship skills – we must be fantastic relationship managers.
  2. Context and culture we must know how to manage in the environment/culture in which the change is occurring.
  3. Collective wisdom – Talk to the people going through change. Find out what they thing will make it successful.
  4. Change leadership and sponsorship – active and visible executive sponsorship is critical. Sponsors must communicate directly to employees.
  5. Confidence and Celebration – we know more than we realize. Don’t forget to have fun and celebrate success.

Read Caroline’s full presentation here

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