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Allegra Consulting celebrates 10 years of Change Management excellence!

Posted 22 December 2015
by Diane Lynch

Ten years ago Allegra Consulting was launched with a vision of being the first, and the best, Change Management Consulting and Recruitment business in Australia. Today, Allegra Consulting is the “go to” organisation for all things change management.

I was Allegra Consulting’s first employee. I joined founder and managing director Helen Haley as a recruitment specialist, leaving behind an established nursing career, ready to take on a new adventure in this growing discipline of change management.

The first 12 months were an exciting time, building relationships with some of Australia’s largest organisations and developing an extraordinary community of change management consultants who, until then, had often experienced little support for their skills. “What is change management?” was a common question among HR and recruitment teams who were unsure of the value change management experts brought to their organisation’s projects.

As a team we invested hugely in educating the wider corporate community. Our first networking and educational event was held in 2007 and was attended by 40 clients and candidates. Now our events attract hundreds of participants and are a central feature on the Melbourne change management calendar – testament not only to Allegra Consulting’s thought leadership, but also to the important and widely recognised role change management plays in organisations today.

NAB was our first client and our deep relationship continues with them today. Always a special bond with your “first born”. Our journey with NAB has strengthened through many organisational restructures and we are now on to our fourth CEO. The relationship continues to flourish.

It’s been an amazing journey over the last 10 years for Allegra Consulting seeing change management evolve and transform. Most organisations have a much clearer understanding of change management, and its proven benefits, in this digital era. Our long list of clients extends to healthcare, utilities, financial institutions, mining, education and not for profits, all of whom have sought our services in developing and supporting organisational change and cultural enhancement.

Today, Allegra Consulting has a specialist placement arm, a consulting arm and a development arm. We place the best practitioners and teams in organisations and we also help organisations build change management capability. This would not have been possible without a leading team of practitioners and consultants who have represented Allegra Consulting over the past 10 years with professionalism and pride – thank you.

It’s been an amazing journey for Allegra Consulting – being a part of the change management evolution and never diverting from our original ethos. Allegra Consulting always has been, and always will be, a centre for change management excellence and the partner of choice for Australian businesses who want the best people to help them achieve their transformation goals.

Thank you to all who have joined us on the journey so far, and we look forward to the next 10 years!

Diane Lynch

Director, Change and Transformation
Allegra Consulting

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