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5 mins w/ Neal Lynch

Interviewed on 14 June 2017

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Neal Lynch is a Change Manager and Leadership Coach.

Tell us a bit about your change management, project management or business transformation experience

Recently,  I've been working with organisations that are undergoing large scale customer transformation programs. The focus that these  companies are placing  on their relationship with customers, utilising  frameworks  and models such as Agile, Lean Startup and Design Thinking is dynamic and exciting. I am enjoying the cultural transformation that organisations are going through to enable this change in direction.

How did you come to perform in a change management related role? What attracted you?

Realising that you are not a big fan of children makes leaving teaching quite easy. It was then that I ventured into technology, becoming a programmer and business intelligence consultant working on many projects. For 10 years I had many varied roles within programs and projects and wondered why many of them did not realise the benefits that they should have. Given the chance at NAB to become a change manager on a Business Intelligence program I took the opportunity with both hands. Subsequently I've worked across a number of industries and on projects large or small; I've realised that effective change management can make a big difference to the success of an initiative.

The attractions of change management are  the ability to help shape an initiative for success, being able to influence and support those within the program and to listen to the receivers of the change. It is the people side of change management that truly allows me to feel connected.

Why is good change management so critical to the way businesses perform today?

A good change manager challenges and acts as a catalyst, sees the big picture and joins the dots. We minimise risks and help maximise benefits and work hard to ensure that solutions are pragmatic, fit for purpose and align back strategy. Cliches aside we are critical when we listen to the voice of our customers and act as a feedback loop.

What makes a great change management practitioner?

Don't fall into the habit of judging people as it will cloud your thoughts. Keep lines of communication open, ask open questions and listen intently. Be prepared to be a coach, mentor or friend when needed and remember to talk to anyone in the organisation that you need to in order to get the right information. Embrace new methodologies, frameworks and models and trust your Spiderman 6th Sense.

What is your idea of a great change management challenge?

The challenge every time I join a new organisation is to build relationships and trust very quickly so I can get up to speed quickly. This is the bedrock of being an effective change manager and once achieved it clears the path to being able to get on and be productive. This is always the great challenge of being a consultant change manager.