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5 mins w/ Joe Moore

Interviewed on 12 December 2017

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Tell us a bit about your change management, project management or business transformation experience.

Currently, I’m working with Allegra Consulting as a change consultant. This is my first change contract and I have been involved in a few different projects. When I first came on board I worked on a government agency project, have recently been involved in setting up a new CRM system and have helped out in facilitating workshops with more experienced change practitioners.   

How did you come to perform in a change management related role? What attracted you?

I started in recruitment straight after university but never felt like I wanted to pursue this in the long term. While I was working in this field we won a piece of work where I was put on a project for a prolonged period of time where I was able to get closer to the client and performed tasks that weren’t just recruitment based, it was a more consultative approach and it was the most I had been able to influence a process since I started in recruitment and I wanted to carry on doing this type of work. I then decided to try and find a change role.

I think what attracted me was I wanted to find a role where I was able to work closely with clients and genuinely influence them in a positive way. I also liked the idea of working from project to project in a fast-paced environment.

Why is good change management so critical to the way businesses perform today?

Good change management sets the bar high. Any business in today’s fast-moving environment looking to resist change will be disappointed. Businesses should embrace change, It is important for any organization because, without change, businesses would likely not keep up with their competitors and fail to meet the needs of their customers. In essence, good change management can really help influence the bottom line and increase productivity.      

What makes a great change management practitioner?

I think that there are a number of attributes that make a great change manager such as being pragmatic, audacious, confident, being a good learner and having the ability to influence. On top of this organizations are now so fast paced that having an agile mindset is also essential.  However, I think above all this, having the ability to be empathetic (so essentially putting yourself in someone else’s shoes) is the most important. The most crucial part of any particular change is the people.   Building empathetic relationships within an organisation means that there will be more commitment and loyalty to change.     

What is your idea of a great change management challenge?

To be honest I haven’t seen that many change management projects but it seems that change is now a constant. Being able to help an organization manage and cope with ongoing change will always be a challenge. However, starting a project with stakeholders not seeing the value in something then seeing them embrace and see that the change will benefit them is very satisfying.